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Preliminary presentation on DIT’s racing car

5 Nov


Submitted a preliminary report on telemetry of a racing car and presented some of my findings to a panel of lecturers.

The next stage in the project is to have sensors work by this Wednesday. We want to measure linear displacement so we can analyse the suspension of the car.

More pictures to come.


Building a trebuchet with the dit engineering society

26 Nov

Building a trebuchet with the  dit engineering society

Last year I got together with DIT’s engineering society to lend a hand in building a trebuchet. Long hours and determination brought this project to its final completion. I was part of a team of around 20 or so people all engineering students from different years and different backgrounds. When the project was complete we successfully test fired it in front of a journalist from RTÉ radio.

The following pictures are the assemble of the rig.

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