My name is Rob I am an engineering student in Dublin Institute of technology. I created this site to use as my own portfolio and resume.

Some of you readers are just other students who happened to stumble across this, if that’s the case you are most welcome and if you are stuck or need advice/help on something engineering related, browse my site as I have loads of useful links for you.

Others readers may be non-profit or charity organisations in need of engineering design help or advice on projects they are doing and do not have a lot of money to spend. That’s OK as I will do what I can to help you – just message me. You may be a business in need of a design engineer and maybe I can be the one who fills that position.

To everyone else (bloggers, blog enthusiasts, etcs) I hope you find this site enjoyable and if you have a blog send me a message with the link I’d love to read it.

Your comments and feed back are most welcome.

Site Owner

Robert works as a Lead commissioning and project Engineer with DPS Engineering working out in Bristol Myer Squibbs.

He studied at Dublin Institute of Technology obtaining a degree in manufacturing & design engineering.

He was part of the formula student team in Dublin Institute of Technology. His final year project was to develop a telemetry and data acquisition system for a formula one racing car to help gather data and help improve performance of the car so that Dublin Institute of Technology couldcompete in the 2014 class 1, formula student car racing competition.

Robert has an ordinary degree in automation engineering, Studied Business with the enterprise board’s QED training and is a member of engineer’s ireland,society of manufacturing engineers, dit engineering society and dit network society.

Robert has worked as an intern engineer at Trinity College Dublin’s Dept. of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Garret O’Donnell  and in Helsinn Birex Pharmaceuticals where he was promoted to an Assistant Engineer after 6 months.

In his spare time Rob likes to program, tinker with electronics, study business,read and hang out with friends.

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