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Help a second year student from DIT this week.

13 Dec


I got the opportunity to help a second year student from DIT who was studying for his ordinary degree in Automation engineering. His project was on designing a machine that would sort red vials.

He had three sensors

The first was an induction sensor. This checked for whether the vial had a cap on it or not.

The second sensor was a colour sensor. Using white LED on the vial and shining a red LED the light dependent resistor will go high if the vial is red.

The third sensor was a sensor to know what position the motor was at, this is used to signal the motor to change the feeder’s direction so that rejected vials would go into the reject bin while the red vials with caps would go into the accepted bin.


He messaged me on social media asking would I be able to help him with the programmable controller programming. We discovered that the proximity sensor would go high if an object is present on front of it and low if nothing is there meaning that detecting the presents of a cap on the vial would be easier than using an analogue sensor.

I offered my advice on programming of the Omron PLC and told him to contact me if he needs further help.

It would be interesting to see the project completed and at a high cycle rate.

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